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Environmental Protective Solutions



State Cert Lic: MRSR1656  •  Const. Lic: CBC1257440

Our Solution

We utilize the latest in mold eradication and preventative products available in the market today. Our unique approach to mold and bacteria abatement utilizes a system which:

  •  Is Cost Effective
  •  Is Environmentally Friendly
  •  Minimizes Customer Disruption
  •  Is Minimally Invasive
  •  Offers a complete solution


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Environmental Protective Solutions

With over 30 years of combined experience, EPS provides specialized services in the areas of Mold and Bacteria Remediation, Water Extraction, and General Contracting services. 

All Environmental Protective Solutions (EPS) representatives are held to the highest standards regarding Communication, Service, Trust, Savings and  conduct themselves in a professional manner. We offer prompt, courteous and fully trained environmental services.

Tampa mold removal and remediation

Nashville water removal and mold elimination

Mission Statement

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We shall exceed expectations, provide superior quality, and continue to stay on the cutting edge of available technologies and methodologies. Safety, value, cleanliness and client satisfaction is paramount.

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