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Environmental Protective Solutions



State Cert Lic: MRSR1656  •  Const. Lic: CBC1257440

About Us

Who We Are

EPS was founded in Lithia, Florida on May 5, 2005. In 2010, we expanded our operations when we opened our second branch in Nashville, Tennessee.

Adam Key, CMR

Certified Mold Remediator - Micro Consulting – CMRC #62388.
Eighteen years of retail electronics business experience and direct mail advertising. Seven years experience in mold remediation and prevention dewatering and general renovation.



Twenty-eight years in the commercial construction industry—served as an estimator, then supervisor. In the past 8 years, has served as an Environmental Counselor, Operations Manager for the Anabec Corporation, Clarence New York; IAQ examiner and author of protocols.


Our Mission

To Provide top-quality interior and exterior residential and commercial mold remediation, prevention, water extraction, leak detection, inspection and general contractor services.

We will provide ongoing comprehensive quality control to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
We view each contract as a personal agreement, not between a business and its customer, but between partners that desire to create a close and mutually beneficial long-term relationship.


Our Accreditations

  • Licensed Mold Remediator
  • Certified Lead Inspector
  • Remove Repair Paint contractor - RRP
  • Licensed General Contractor - GC
  • Certified Mold Remediation Contractor 
  • Indoor Air Quality Association

What Makes Us Different


EPS typically provides a savings of 25-30%
of our competitors’ price and keeps your expenditures down. Your money is saved
without reducing service or results.


We are polite and courteous professionals with state-of-the-art training. Jobs are started and completed in a timely and efficient manner. References provided upon request.


EPS uses the best innovative, eco-friendly,
non-evasive product in the industry. Maximizes results and minimizes or eliminates future problems. Clean and green help saves us time
and you money.


We bring peace of mind to you and your client.
Our process is clearly and fully explained. Professional consultation before application.

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