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Nashville Crawlspace Repair

Repair Your Wet Crawlspace; Nashville Professionals Can Help!

When moisture collects in the crawlspace of a home, it can not only affect the structural integrity of the building itself, but also the very health and well-being of your family. Wet conditions, excessive dampness and other water-related issues also can often be difficult for a homeowner to diagnose, since the majority of homeowners rarely enter the crawlspace. Nashville crawlspace homeowners who suspect the presence of excessive moisture under their homes are urged to contact a professional in short order, to prevent potentially costly damage to property and the physical health of their household.

Potential Risks Associated with a Wet Crawlspace

At first blush, the idea of expensive structural damage to your home and property can seem like motivation enough to address a potential moisture problem within your crawlspace. Nashville residents face not only the possibility of extensive damage to their homes and property, but also the very real risk of potentially severe health complications.

Damp or wet crawlspaces may be attributed to a number of factors, from relatively simple clean water leaks and flooding to spills or back-ups of sewage. It's no secret that sewage, or black water, presents a very real health risk for those who come into contact with contaminated water. Still, even clean water leaks can cause illnesses or exacerbate existing conditions by facilitating the growth of mold, fungi and bacteria. All of these microorganisms can aggravate respiratory conditions like asthma, or lead to a spike in symptoms for allergy sufferers.

Contributing Factor to a Wet Crawlspace: Nashville Weather

Plumbing failures can cause water leaks, and sewage can back up into a crawlspace. Nashville weather can also be a contributing factor with heavy rain and high humidity in the spring and summer months. Because the unique challenges posed by weather conditions in Middle Tennessee can lead to dampness in a crawlspace, Nashville homeowners are likely to require the services of a professional mold remediation and water extraction company at some point in their years of ownership. High relative humidity levels, paired with the rich organic materials found in the soil beneath many Nashville area homes, create the perfect conditions for mold spores, bacteria and fungi to flourish. These microbes can actively harm the health of everyone in your household, and can also pose a problem during the resale process for your home if it's detected during a pre-sale inspection.

Some contractors and handyman companies may offer treatment services which address part of the problem, but it's crucial for Middle Tennesseans to approach crawlspace moisture and leak detection from a proactive angle. Working with a company who specializes in not only the detection of existing leaks but also restorative action to eliminate mold growth is essential. In some cases, it may also be necessary to take preventative steps in order to protect your crawlspace. Nashville weather conditions often create a need for the installation of vapor barriers, which can keep recurring moisture problems at bay in your crawlspace.

Don't allow undetected problems within your home's crawlspace to make you and your family sick, or cause structural damage to your property. Contact a professional mold remediation and prevention company today to discuss your options for creating a safer, healthier and stronger home.



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