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Nashville Mold and Water Removal Services

Serving Nashville and Middle Tennessee

A single burst pipe in a Tennessee home can cause significant water damage to appliances, flooring and furniture, not to mention damage sustained as a result of mold growth. Any source of excess moisture provides an environment which can encourage the growth of mold, though some leaks and plumbing crises can pose a more serious health risk than others. For homeowners in the Nashville area, addressing leaks and water damage as soon as they happen is of vital importance. Saving your belongings and limiting the severity of property damage requires prompt action, especially when leaks are comprised of potentially contaminated water.

Category 1 Leaks: Clean Water

Though there's no such thing as a "good" water leak, one which affects clean water pipes can be less devastating because the water itself does not pose a threat to humans or pets that come into contact with the fluid. Clean water leaks can still cause structural damage, facilitate mold growth and destroy your belongings, but isn't home to a host of bacteria. When a supply pipe, faucet or other source of potable water suffers a significant leak, clean up doesn't pose an inherent hazard due to water contamination. Still, it will need to be addressed immediately in order to mitigate some of the damage.

Category 2 Leaks: Gray Water

Water which may contain bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms is referred to as "gray water." This is the term used to describe waste water from bath tubs, showers, washing machines and sinks. Because gray water is waste, it can be contaminated and has the potential to cause illnesses if it's ingested. Like clean water sources, gray water leaks need to be addressed immediately in order to mitigate water damage and prevent microbial growth. The sooner a gray water leak is addressed by a Middle Tennessee professional, the greater the likelihood of saving personal items affected by the leak and preventing the growth of mold.

Category 3 Leaks: Black Water

The most dangerous and potentially destructive type of leak is a black water leak. Black water comes from sewage leaks and other sources of severely contaminated water, and is known to pose a very real health risk to humans and pets. Contact with black water is dangerous, and leaks involving heavily contaminated water can be devastating for Nashville area homeowners. While it's imperative to begin restorative work as soon as possible after any leak, it's particularly important to address leaks which involve black water. The high level of contaminants dramatically increases the likelihood of mold and bacterial growth, and can make it more difficult for professionals to salvage personal belongings in the affected area.

Serving Nashville and all of Middle Tennessee

Environmental Protective Solutions (EPS) specializes in water extraction, leak detection, mold remediation and general contacting for your residential or commercial property needs. Our services include crawlspace and basement work, inspections and repairs on foreclosed properties, REO work and Chinese drywall replacement. We also offer mold, bacterial and viral remediation services that effect all types of residential and commercial properties such as hotels, motels, hospitals and high rise condominiums serving the greater Nashville area and throughout Middle Tennessee, including:

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