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Water Removal

Environmental Protective Solutions intrusion Analysis Process (IAP) approaches water mitigation from a different prospective. Our approach is to concentrate on both the structure and loss prevention concurrently which greatly enhances savings. This dual approach often increases restoration/recovery by 50% or more, thus saving more indemnity dollars. Our goal is to mitigate the loss situation by stabilizing and preventing further damage.

With our IAP process, care is taken to undertake preventative measures to curtail damaging effects. Metal finishes are treated and wood finishes stabilized until arrangements can be made to remove items for restoration. Wet drywall and insulation are removed to prevent secondary damage from water. Entire roof structures or portions of damage can be Shrink Wrapped to make a weather tight cover to mitigate loss and often save unaffected areas from secondary water damage. At the same time test cleaning can be performed on items to determine if they are salvageable.

Time is of the essence when it comes to water mitigation and removal.

Within Minutes: Metal (nails, screws, corner beads) begins to rust. 

Within Hours: Plywood de-laminates and particle board buckles. Furniture cracks, splits, warps and stains carpet. Dyes transfer from wall coverings and rugs.

Within Days: Mildew appears along with "musty" odor. Electronics corrode and malfunction.  All leading to more costly solutions.




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